AMBITFUL 88*17*17cm Honeycomb Grid Strip Softbox

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Item features
A portable, collapsible flash diffuser which changes your speedlight into a strip light in seconds
88cm long strip of soft, evenly diffused light in combination with a detachable grid
Provides backlight, rimlight, edgelight and other effects, great in portrait, people and still photography
can also be combined with another unit to obtain almost 2m
Designed to work vertically but it can be used in other wise with the help of an extra boom or tripod
Ultra lightweight and compact in size when folded
Provides quality light on any location without the need for additional power supplies
Item specification
Dimension: approx. 17*17*88cm
Net weight:195g
Material: Nylon
Package included
1x Softbox
1x Honeycomb Grid